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Mini-morse-code bug

For some reason I needed to package a message to some people without me wanting to type it out, or even write it out. No, there needed to be a new approach to how I sent this message. Something I came up with was a morse-code-bug, that contained the message I wanted to send. A simple way of achieving this goal would be by just recording a piece of morse code and sending it over email or something. This however didn’t seem too much fun to me so I wanted to do something different. I had chosen to write a small piece of embedded code and accompany it with some hardware to run it on. The microcontroller I have chosen for this device is the Attiny25. Why this controller? Well a smaller controller wouldnt’ have enough programspace to contain a message, a bigger controller is more expensive.

The device can be made really easily. You simply take the 8pin chip, add power to the corresponding pins, add a buzzer on port B4 (or any other io pin if you change it in the code) and throw the code on the controller. (this last part can be either done by an AVRISP MKII or clone, or by using an arduino as a programmer (

The code is available as a download here, feel free to use it for your own sinister purposes!


MorseCode <– Download is a loose piece of c code. Can also really easily be ported to Arduino or any other MCU.

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