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Today I was fiddling around with my new Saleae Logic analyzer, and got to fix a bug in my simple software UART transmitter along the way.

All excited what to first analyze with my new neat toy, I remembered I was working on a piece of software to enable the attiny45 to spit out some sensible data. Ofcourse I could have chosen to go for the USI interface Atmel built into the device, but I first wanted to go all low level on it and build a piece of bitbanging software.

After fiddling around for an hour or two I finally had it working correctly. Before I had been using my DS Scope to compare the data and count bits, which is as some of you may know an awful lot of work to do. So adding a logic analyzer to the equation was a good idea in my opinion.

The result

The software is capable of running a uart tx pin at the staggering rate of baud 1200. So this is not software you want to use to run a lot of data on.

For those of you interested in the code, feel free to dig around, its free to adapt and use. I would really appreciate to see the result if you make something nice out of it ;)

Download link: HERE

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